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K2 is an American brand that has been manufacturing board sports products, including pairs of skis for over 50 years! The company founded in 1962 by brothers Bill and Don Kirschner near Seattle in the state of Washington in the heart of the North West of the United States. The brand was one of the pioneers in designing skis by injecting fiber, a completely innovative process for the time when the skis were all made of wood.

Over the decades, from investors to investors, the company has been able to establish itself sustainably and establish itself as a leading brand in the ski market but also in action sports, since K2 sports is also a complete collection of K2 snowboards and rollers K2 skates or even K2 bikes.

The group also has more freestyle ski divisions such as Line ski. But the core target of the K2 ski brand remains vast and can correspond to each type of practitioner. The ski pair manufacture amazes all winter seasons with the diversity of its range of ski equipment.

In addition to providing you with the ideal pair of skis adapted to each descent of a ski slope in the heart of the mountains, K2 Sports also offers a superb range of ski accessories with quality ski poles for each type of practitioner.

Hawaiisurf offers you the best K2 skis for this K2 Winter 2019 ski collection!

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K2 Ski K2 Minaret 100 Sv


Sizes:  22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5

K2 Minaret 100 Sv

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K2 Ski K2 Spyre 80 Hv


Sizes:  24.5 25.5 26.5

K2 Spyre 80 Hv

From €299.95 €119.98
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