K2 Snowboard

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K2 sports is one of the most respected brands in the world of outdoor sport action and especially in winter sports! With the design of the first fiber skis in 1962, the American company which in its name honors one of the highest peaks in the world, in the 80s took the Snowboards turn!

K2 sports started designing snowboards since 1986! The brand that has made its way in the ski industry has taken advantage of the quality of its products in snowboard equipment, these products of a brand new and emerging sport in the early 80s.

Since all this time, the North American firm has been able to offer superb snowboard boards and whatever your mountain playground during winter sports, the brand knows how to meet all the needs of snowboard practitioners. All-mountain Freestyle type snowboards like the Fastplant or the K2 Turbo dream model are among the best snowboards in the world!

It also offers a wide choice of snow boots for men and women.

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