Kizer Slimline 2 Red



Ref product : 082156


The Kizer Slimline 2 can be used in flat or freestyle with a multitude of possible configurations.
It has a protection for the central wheels, combined with the glide of Fluid materials.
As its name suggests, the Slimline is a lightweight model available in 3 sizes.
It will bring you the speed of 80 mm while keeping a maximum of stability and a fairly low frame.
Maximum wheel diameter of 58mm (rockering in low position).
60mm on the outside (high rockering) and 56mm in the center (low rockering)
Antirocker / Freestyle
Diameter up to 80mm on the outside in high rockering
With 80 mm wheels and anti-rockers, you must have a size M or L frame.
80 mm wheels can be used with a size S provided that the antirockers are removed.

Season INTP
Bearing Diameter 8 MM
Maximum Wheel Diameter 80 MM
Color RED
Discount 30 - 40 % off