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Krooked skateboards are arguably the most "artistic" brand in the 90s skateboard industry! Founded by the talented pro skateboarder and artist recognized both on his skateboard and with a pencil in his hands “Mark Gonzales” (Supreme Skate shop, Adidas Skateboarding, spitfire wheels…).

This skate brand has been part of the DLXSF group since 1986, a skate label founded along with a wide selection of skateboard gear such as full skateboard, skate wheels, cruiser, skateboard and truck packs via the Thunder Trucks brands. , Real Skateboards, Antihero Skateboards or even Spitfire Wheels. All these skateboard brands are from San Fransisco historic headquarters of the DLXSF group.

Krooked is a brand recognizable among many others thanks to the multiple designs and characters that Mark Gonzales realizes for the series of decks but also on several lines of streetwear clothing for the local skate shop or the online skate shop like Hawaiisurf! So you can have one of the latest sweatshirts, the new cap and other skate clothing to match it all with your latest pair of freshly picked skate shoes from the local skate shop.

Like brands like Chocolate, Primitive, Mob and other skateboard brands, Krooked is fully part of the history of skateboarding through its unique style and the perfect quality of its skate material. I strongly advise you to test a cruiser or a Krooked skate pack one day or another to realize the kiff of riding this kind of deck in the heart of the skate park!

The brand has constantly made collaborations on several media such as skate shoe and clothing lines with Adidas Skateboarding. All the pro riders of the Skate Krooked team are perfect ambassadors of the ultra colorful brand founded by Gonzales. So you too become the next Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Dan Drehobl or Ronnie Sandoval!

And if you like the collection of original skate gear, never miss the Guest board series that Mark Gonzales likes to draw for his friends like those of Rick McCranck or Lucas Puig…

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