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The shoe brand lakai was founded in 1999 by two skateboarding legends, at the time both pro skateboarders with the legendary skateboard company Girl Skateboard. Recognizable by its logo embroidered on the side of the shoes, this legendary brand Lakai shoes has quickly become a key brand in the skateboard scene and the skate shoe market.

Hawaiisurf offers you a selection of inexpensive lakai among the most fashionable models of the Californian firm such as the Lakai griffin shoe or the Lakai manchester.

At the level of the distribution of Lakai France, the brand is today put forward in a selection of cutting-edge skate shops which have always worked for the recognition and practice of skateboarding.

Lakai shoes are ultra robust and innovative with great quality of various types of soles. Each style of skateboarder will find its happiness at the heart of the range of lakai shoes to be able to quickly execute the most fashionable skateboard tricks of the moment.

Almost 20 years have passed between the creations of the two co-founders in the heart of the Los Angles offices, and today the young movement of global skateboarding remains grateful for a brand like Lakai and for being able to wear mythical shapes like the Lakai. Mj or Lakai Pico. Pro skaters like Tony Hawk's son, "Riley Hawk" or even Vincent Alvarez and Jesus Fernadez are icons of the skateboard brand.

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