Landyachtz, the Canadian Freeride skate longboard!

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Landyachtz is a longboard brand from Canada. It was created in 1997 when Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand met at university. Both lovers of skateboarding, these two Canadians decide to combine their efforts to create their own boards. So they have spent the last two decades developing skateboards with the goal of creating the perfect boards.

One of the first things the creators looked at was the design of the deck. The Marque wanted to give riders more stability at high speed without sacrificing control. To achieve this, the team started bending the wood in every way imaginable in order to create platforms with optimal control. Over the years, they have learned to bend maple in a way they previously thought impossible. All of the brand's skateboard decks are contoured to give you the best performance, control, comfort and fun in any situation.

Landyachtz uses a wide variety of materials in their boards, but the vast majority of boards are made from Canadian maple. Not all Canadian maples are created equal. Trees are as individual as we are. Some trees have long, even fibers that make excellent veneers for boards. And there are gnarled, old, haggard trees that are only good for making haunted houses. This is why the company selects by hand the trees that make up its boards.

This expertise over the years has made the brand one of the leaders in the sector, it is a guarantee of quality and high performance.

Today, the brand's HQ is housed in an old building in Vancouver that has been refurbished by them. The employees all live nearby and all have a board under their feet. A brand made by and for enthusiasts.

The range is very varied with freeride, downhill or cruising boards. What all these Landyachtz longboards have in common is the quality!

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