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The LANGE ski boot brand takes its name from its North American founder "Robert bob Lange", who was the very first manufacturer of reinforced ski boots & polyester resin in 1948.

The “Lange ski boots” brand entered the market in 1963, with the design of the first plastic ski boot with laces. From 1965 Lange introduced the ski boot with metal buckle based closures. The brand quickly enjoyed a good reputation, thanks to the Canadian skier Nancy Green, who became the first female world ski champion with a pair of Lange ski boots on her feet.

Since the 60s, the ski company Alpin Lange has not ceased to design technical innovations but also marketing to bring the best of its ski boots. Some generations of skiers will remember to look carefully at the “Lange girls” calendar, before heading for the slope with their ski pack and ski touring gear!

Mountaineering fans will appreciate the new range of Lange ski equipment, because during your future purchase of boots we will suggest that you try the brand new range of Lange mountaineering-oriented boots, with its walking modes on all boots. Freerando and large travel on the hiking shoe. Putting on a pair of Lange ski boots becomes child's play thanks to the generous volume offered by the boots from the All-mountain Freeride range. The entire shoe can be thermoformed if your feet feel the need to relieve your foot morphology and adjust your metatarsus. With your pair of men's boots or women's shoes, Lange is its Alpine ski boot collection will no longer hold any secrets for you and your next stay in the heart of your favorite ski resort.

Lange still offers this high quality trademark today! The performance of Lange ski boots will suit perfectly all profiles of ski practitioners. Whether you are in Freeride, Freestyle, ski touring, downhill skiing, downhill skiing, off piste, the now French brand (since bought by the Rossignol group) will offer you to find the right pair of Lange ski boots adapted to your foot .

With the acquisition by the Rossignol ski group, the Lange brand now benefits from the very latest technologies and patent from the French group, which manufactures 100% of its ski boots in France for the high-end and in Spain and Eastern Europe for the consumer models.

Hawaiisurf offers a full boot fiting service to combine performance and comfort with your winter sports footwear and choose your ski boots with care Tailor-made insoles, ski socks, shell deformation and a whole range of adjustments to make your new ski boots racing from the Charente!

There is therefore no need to go through ski rental and its disappointments, if you now want to choose to equip yourself with a pair of Lange ski boots during your new Winter 2018 ski purchase.

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