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The sturdy and durable skate pants by Levi's Skateboarding!

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Levi's Skateboarding skate pants - Collection 2018/2019

The entire selection of Levi's skateboarding jeans in stock in real time on our Levi's corner shop and in the heart of our Levi's Paris shop! The best of men's skate pants and streetwear fashion.

Levi's or its full name Levi Strauss & Co is probably the most famous brand of jeans and pants still in operation. Founded in 1853 by Mr. Levi Strauss, the cowboy brand invented the legendary blue jeans, with its famous Levis 501 model which has spanned many generations… Like all Workwear brands, the Levi's company began with products selvedge type and work pants, pants in you before switching to more modern and fashionable cuts, like the famous jeans with turning seams or even designated series with styles of torn pants.

As a Skateboard specialist at Hawaiisurf, we decided to focus on the Levi's Skateboarding collection, this division of the iconic San Fransisco brand was clearly made for skateboarders, but above all taking into account the opinions and needs of practitioners to skateboard.

You can find all the classic cuts of this sublime brand of men's clothing. Whether you are looking for raw jeans with the 501 cut or even 513 and 511, trousers in stretch jeans for greater ease when you move on your skateboard, see a 90s style with a tracksuit bottom and a Levi's jacket, the Skate division offers a whole range of effective products.

Hawaiisurf, a great specialist in skateboard and streetwear fashion, offers you directly in the heart of our Levi's Shop, a wide selection of jeans, Bermuda, chinos, denim, baggy pants, all in all possible cuts such as super skinny pants for a Rock style. N roll à la Ramones, or a straight cut and slim jeans for a casual chic style to match with your new pair of Sneakers!

In addition to the pants which are the classics of the range, the Levis Skate label also offers all the good fashion accessories such as underpants, underwear.

When it comes to choosing a cardigan, a new bomber jacket, overalls, a hooded sweatshirt or a men's shirt, Levi's Skateboarding will always have the streetwear piece of the moment to fill your new skateboard wardrobe.

The collection offers a wide range of colors, including a timeless blue denim that you will find on all blue denim. Camouflage, like the men's black color, are now part of the more delicate series to find, but available regularly at Hawaiisurf.

Many famous skateboarders are now great ambassadors for Levi's Skateboarding, will you be next?

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