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The Levi's adventure began in 1853 when Levi Strauss opened a branch in San Francisco of his brother's New York boutique. He teamed up with tailor Jacob Davis to create what would be the first real jeans.

These pants are extremely durable and the brand is very successful. Over time, it has become an international brand, renowned for its quality, durable and stylish products.

Since then it has diversified and offers a complete range of textiles including one dedicated to skateboarding, Levis skateboarding, which you can find in our hawaiisurf skateshop online or near Paris.

Enjoy the brand's classics, with levis denim jacket models like the retro-inspired Skate Lined Chore Coat with its small velvet collar or the slightly more modern Skate Type 2 Ridge.

Combined with levis skate pants, you will be ready to fall from your skateboard in all serenity!

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