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In 1853, Levi Strauss opened a clothing store in San Francisco, a branch of his brother's New York store. Levi and the suit Jacob Davis team up to create together the first jeans, ultra-strong canvas pants that are gradually becoming a staple worn around the world.

Faced with such success, the brand gained popularity thanks to very good quality products capable of lasting over time. There are different models of denim pants classified by cut, such as the legendary Levi's 501. The levis skate division then takes up its classics to adapt them to the needs of skaters. The Levis skateboarding collection includes the levis 504 skate, with a straight cut, low waist and straight leg, or the levi's 511 skateboarding with a narrow cut, low waist and narrow leg.

For a legendary skateboarder outfit, also find men's levis denim jackets in the Hawaiisurf selection.

Levis skateboarding is the guarantee not to cut a hole in the first fall.

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