Lib Tech Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard Shortboard



Ref product : 22SU008


The high- performance Lib Tech board to take waves easily thanks to its width while having a radical surf in your turns! Its Eco - Compact construction makes it a very solid board that you will keep for a long time !

5'7 x 21.5" x 2.5": 33.9L
5'9 x 21.5" x 2.63": 37.65L
5'11 x 22" x 2.75": 41.75L

Type of waves: 40cm to 2m.

Level of practice: Intermediate to advanced

Outline: A wide shape to offer more maneuverability for those looking for more radical turns with a scalable and stable board that adapts to your style!

Concave : At the tail to facilitate transitions

Rails: Straight marked for good grip

Tail: Squash tail to gain maximum stability and maneuverability.

Fins: 5 FCS plugs for thruster or quad surfing

Construction: Eco-Impact construction for added strength

Season SS22
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Surfboard Construction Epoxy
Tail Type Squash