Lib-tech, the new Eco-Friendly brand of Snowboard & surf!

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Lib tech is the new generation of boardsports and action sports equipment designed in the United States.

Originally, the Lib Tech brand was THE trending brand in the snowboard industry. Its leitmotiv: to manufacture playful snowboards and above all respecting the environment as much as possible. To hell with the factories that work in the assembly line using mediocre quality products and producing harmful waste for the planet.

The flagship Lib Tech snowboard products, like the lib tech skate banana or the Travis Rice pro model, are among the most wrinkled snowboards every season in the heart of ski resorts.

After 10 years of success, Lib Tech wanted to expand its offer of boards while keeping its values around a design of quality and respectful of the environment. Thus the launch of the "Lib tech waterboard" surfboard made an impression! Always made with environmentally friendly materials, it is almost unbreakable and incredibly light.

The Mervin group brand did not stop there in its expertise in boards. It also designs Lib Tech Skateboards and pairs of Lib tech skis with freeski orientation! All of Lib tech's “green label” technology and materials are also injected into these superb products.

Lib tech is state-of-the-art products, with meticulous finishes while respecting our planet!

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