Lib tech surf: The almost indestructible surfboard!

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The Lib tech board brand is a high-end brand renowned for building all-category boards that are both innovative and environmentally friendly. The most famous range is that of Lib tech Snowboards but surfboards have not been left out since their launch in 2014.

Hand-shaped in the USA, with the environmental signature of Lib Tech, they are the strongest in the surfboard industry. With revolutionary technology without paper or fiberglass, they are constructed from 100% honeycomb on a foam base that does not absorb water. Result the boards are ultra light and ultra resistant! If you're a reckless daredevil, this board is for you! You can focus on your riding technique, the waves and the fun of playing with it without worrying about breaking it!

Find the selection of Lib tech boards carefully concocted by the Hawaiisurf team to always give you more pleasure in the water!

And if the swell is not suitable, go ride the streets to wait with the lib tech skateboards! Efficient and stylish, enough to wait before the next session!

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