Line Grip Stick



Ref product : 19C300111


The Line Gripstick ski pole, the top of the range for Freeride-Freestyle!

Find the Line Gripstick ski pole, a top-of-the-range product but affordable at the budget level to ensure your most beautiful descents with comfort and reliability. Here we find an ergonomic handle with a perfect grip that the brand calls "Snake Grip", more comfortable and with better grip than more basic poles. The handle is perfectly designed to accommodate your fingers and thus increase the grip of the stick.

Aluminum alloy 6061 composition to keep flex while being robust, this stick with a weight of 200 grams and a choice of sizes ranging from 115 CM to 130 CM is the perfect companion for all your outings, regardless of the playing field and the quality of the snow this season.

Season INTP
Ski Riding Style All around - Powder
Ski Riding Style All around - Slope