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The Line ski brand is objectively the true franchise to have designed the first freestyle oriented skis. While companies as famous as Faction, Armada or 4Frnt emerged in the early 2000s, the young Jason Levinthal gave a boost to his passion as a skier by designing the first skis adapted to the practice of freestyle, park and jib, from the mid-90s. More and more widespread practices in stations and streets of the states provided snow during the winter in the north of the USA and Canada.

In the early 2000s, the ski industry took a new turn and began to see more and more skiers achieve pro status and live off their passion. Ever more talented, the new generation of freestyle skiers, like Tom Wallish and Eric Pollard, still have Ski Line pros.

The Line ski range, now under the control of the K2 sport group, whose skis have been leaving the factories for more than fifty years, has benefited from better production efficiency and injection of new technologies. Line ski offers a wide choice of freeride skiing, freestyle skiing but also piste and all mountain skis for everyday use, for beginners as well as for advanced skiers.

No matter the playing field, the Line skis brand is able to offer a ski for every situation.

The now legendary models are still in the Line ski range every season, like the Line Sir Francis Bacon! You will of course find humpback skiing but also quality two-tip and double-tip ski in the heart of the North American firm.

In addition to all these skis, Line also concocts superb ski accessories and equipment for skiers with a wide range of ski poles, in the classic version of the fat stick or telescopic ski pole.

Line is at the rendezvous of quality and fun!

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