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Planche Snowboard

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Lobster snowboard is the snowboard brand of the Helgason brothers, Eiki and Halidor, former Bataleon riders who are among the best of their generation. With their expertise, they launched their brand in 2011 to the delight of their fan and fans of pure snowboards, jibs and big sessions.

With a design directly inspired by skateboarding with a very colorful, trashy and sexy graphics, the bros boards also stand out for their technology by using the system patented by Bataleon, the Triple base technology or 3BT. A system based on a three-layer board design that provides unrivaled ride effects. It makes turning and gaining speed easier than ever. Freestyle fan, Lobster boards will drive you crazy!

Hawaiisurf immediately spotted the great potential of these toys for enthusiasts! Among the first to offer you this brand, Hawaiisurf has selected ultra sharp models to satisfy the most seasoned of you!

The 2016/2017 collection is already available on our online site or in our store near Paris. It has some nice surprises in store because this year the Helgason brothers have decided to switch completely and introduce a brand new shape with the Special Random Addition, a completely badass limited edition!

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