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Lucas Beaufort is a unique and colorful character, a hyperactive artist, he describes himself as a "stripper".
A true skate fanatic, at the age of 13, he fully immersed himself in the world of skateboarding by buying his first skateboard in Cannes where he also made his first encounters, his first tricks and his first projects with the magazine Disillusionment. At the age of 26, on the occasion of his brother's birthday, he wanted to give him an original gift and decided to create a painting for him. This same painting shared on social networks is popular and orders from Internet users are starting to flow. Lucas takes a liking to drawing and quickly, he has fun drawing on the covers of skate magazines, this concept is very popular to the point that he quickly finds himself making covers for emblematic skate magazines like Thrasher , Transworld Magazine , Sugar... From there, he decides to continue to combine his two passions which form a winning combination.

And it's a success story, Lucas B has been making great collaborations for several years with the best skate and snowboard brands, he will notably work with Almost , Inpeddo , Union Bindings or even DCshoes . In just a few years, he has become a real key player in the skate, fashion and board sports scene. Self-taught, he does not stop at the world of skateboarding and creates works of art on many supports from a simple tree branch to a Porsche passing by a 5 star hotel in the sun.

The Hawaiisurf team is therefore super-happy to present this unique collab based on 3 limited edition decks with Lucas Beaufort. Beautiful skate boards to display at home, in the office or to skate in style with trucks , wheels and bearings . Lucas Beaufort & HawaiiSurf, the series that kicks asses, "Hustle or Die" as Lucas himself says.

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