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Madness Outcast Pop R7 Slick Orange Multi 8.62 X 31.95 Deck


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The new Madness collection brings us a novelty under construction validated by the HawaiiSurf team! A pearlescent effect called " Slick " has been added to the original construction. The R7 construction of the Madness brand means an extension of the classic 7-layer construction. With the R7 , the glue is not water-based but with epoxy resin. This construction will make it lighter and stiffer !

Dimensions: 8.62 x 31.95

Practice: Bowl, curves, street

Material: 7-ply maple, Resin 7 (more durable, lighter, more powerful), epoxy

Shape: classic

Concave: Medium

Grip offered!

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Season FW21/22
Shape New School
Concave Medium
Width Based on Feet Size 40 to 43.5
Width Based on Feet Size 44 and over
Skater's Height 1m50 & More