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Madness Skateboard is an American skateboard company that was taken over by 4 young skateboarders including Sam Beckett, Alex Perelson, Clay Kreiner and Jack Fardell. Madness is all about high performance, the skateboards created are made for spot-killing guys who aren't afraid of anything! Why Madness? Precisely for this madness which particularly characterizes this brand with their different manufacturing characteristics but also their original and offbeat perception.

A multitude of shapes are offered by the brand, such as the standard popsicle or a good wide cruiser from the 80s. The decks are filled with unique features such as raised or textured graphics, the wheel arches are matched to depths. concaves, different plate sizes or even swirl inlays in the lower layer.

Madness Skateboard has recently entered the Dwindle Distribution group, so the quality of their products is no longer to be proven. The decks are made with 7 layers of super premium maple accompanied by Resin 7 technology. The 7 maple layers are linked together with an Epoxy glue, which makes the board lighter and more rigid.

The boards always come with a unique and rather badass style , but what makes the brand even more incredible is the fact that with all of its quality features, the skate decks remain at a particularly affordable price in comparison. with other skate brands!

The HawaiiSurf team is therefore particularly proud to offer you this new skate brand on our site! You will find in our selection all types of boards, from street skate to cruiser, through all styles, but always in a badass and daring spirit!

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