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Madness Voices R7 Slick Green 8.125 X 31.95 Deck Skateboard


Ref product : MADDK175


This skate deck incorporates the best of Madness know-how in terms of design. Indeed, we find relief graphics, holographic and classic flocking. This board will be ideal for a street and skatepark practitioner. Madness sticker offered for the purchase of this tray.

It will also be perfect for a beginner who wants to learn street.

Dimensions: 8.125 x 31.95

Practical: Street, skatepark and flat

Material: 7 plies of maple, resin7

Shape: Popsicle, classic

Concave: Medium, perfect for bowl skating

Grip offered!

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Season HO21
Shape New School
Concave Medium
Cut 8.125
Cut 8.375
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