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Magenta skateboard is one of the best flagships of French skateboarding! This Parisian brand, which takes its name from the grand boulevard Magenta in the heart of Paris, has come a long way since its appearance in the world of skateboarding.

Skateboarders Soy Panda, Vivien Feil and Leo Valls are among the early artificers and the best ambassadors of the Magenta skate brand. The Magenta skate team in addition to the three boarders mentioned above, also consists of Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons and Glen Fox.

Today the Magenta board is easily recognized by artistic design series that are exported very well to the best countries where skateboarding is king. From the USA to England, the Magenta skateboards brand has stood out from other labels.

Mangeta skatewear is one of the favorites of young skateboarders today. With modern collections with an impeccable streetwear skate look, the Parisian label has also been able to offer something qualitative and different.

You can find a wide selection of magenta skateboards and the brand's skatewear at the heart of the magenta skateboard shop Hawaiisurf all year round, as we have always supported national brands.

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