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Waxing is an essential element if you want to maintain your equipment in such a way as to make it durable and keep a perfect feeling of sliding. However, waxing is a practice that can seem complicated for beginners and it requires several essential tools, including brushes.

Waxing brushes allow you to brush the base of your snowboard or your skis in order to remove excess wax and polish your equipment. However, there are many different brushes for different uses. We will quickly see what each type of brush is used for.

First of all, the bronze brush, which has long, fine bristles, is one of the most aggressive brushes. It allows you to deoxidize and clean the base before waxing and then to remove the excess wax just after scraping. It should always be used in the same direction.

Then comes the Nylon brush which has medium and large bristles, it is generally used as a second brush after scraping. It polishes the sole and gives it a smooth appearance to reduce friction with the snow.

If you are a beginner, you may as well start by getting a combination brush, which is more economical. However, you will quickly want to get a bronze brush and a nylon one for perfect waxing, and keep the combination brush on the go.

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