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No Winter Sport without Raclette!

Ok we could talk about the raclette recipe with cheese and potatoes, but we prefer to direct you to the purchase of a raclette or scraper to maintain your snowboard or ski gear.

Hawaiisurf offers a wide choice of ski and snowboard accessories to maintain your gear, including the famous squeegees which will allow you, once the waxing has been done, to scrape off the excess dried wax to better hydrate your sole and improve the glide of your pair of slats or board snowboard during your next escapade on the slopes of your favorite resort or in a big descent of powder snow off-piste.

We offer you a wide selection with the best brands like Burton, Dakine or even Swix and Toko!

To use your maintenance kit properly, don't hesitate to watch our videos in the Winter Sport buying guide, which will explain everything about waxing a snowboard pack or a pair of skis.

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Scrapers Dakine Triangle Scraper


Dakine Triangle Scraper

From €10.00 €8.50
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Burton Mtn Essential Kit

From €90.00
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Scrapers Assorted


Sizes:  TU

Dakine Race Run Spray On Wax

From €19.00 €16.15
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Scrapers Swix F4 Liquide Universel
Sizes:  100 ML

Swix F4 Liquide Universel

From €14.90
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Scrapers Green


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Dakine Nylon / Cork Brush

From €12.00 €10.20
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Swix Entretien Peaux

From €24.00
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Swix Kit Ski Hors Piste

From €138.00
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