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Well-sharpened edges are the guarantee of being able to carve and grip when necessary, even at very high speed on your pair of freeride skis or your snowboard, regardless of the type of snow.

To fully enjoy the quality of your edges, we suggest you find our wide selection of winter sports equipment maintenance accessories including the famous sharpeners, the essential accessory for the maintenance kit for your equipment before and during the season.

The Swix brand meets the most specific needs, whether you are an amateur skier or a future Olympic downhill champion, Swix and its rich sharpening collection of more than a dozen references will allow you to maintain your sports gear. winter with ease.

In addition to offering ski and snowboard sharpeners, Hawaiisurf is also a technical service specialist in the maintenance of equipment all year round to take care of your edges or even repair them if you have ever had a hard day in the rocks.

Do not hesitate to watch our videos which will explain "How to maintain your winter sports gear" in our buying guide and on the Hawaiisurf blog

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