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The Duke Pt 12 binding is the brand new model of freerando binding, completely new for maximum performance. It is its front toe system that differentiates it from other binding systems with Ride & Hike technology. When in walk mode, the top of the toe piece will be unlocked and facing forward. This part can be removed and stored, if you want to reduce the weight of possible oscillations. The Lock & Walk function will immediately block the stop-ski and also serves as a climbing wedge. In descent mode, the front part is inserted again and the Auto Quad Lock system automatically locks the front stop at four points. This now works like a classic ski touring toe piece. Last important information, the duke pt 12 binding is compatible with all alpine ski boots, ski touring and GripWalk!

Ski program : Freerando

DIN/ISO Range : 4.0 - 12.0

Recommended weight : For skiers weighing less than 120 kg

Adjustment range: 25mm

Inclinations : Possibility of putting the climbing wedges in position 0° and 10°.

Size of ski stops : 125 mm


Ride & Hike : This system has been designed in order to obtain optimal performance thanks to the automatic release function. It's actually a combination of Royal Family downhill bindings and uphill insert bindings. (explanation above)

Sole Id : Sliding plate system that allows compatibility with alpine ski boots, ski touring and GripWalk.

Anti Ice Rail : Metal accessory that removes ice or snow from the sole of the shoe.

Hollow Linkage Heel : The heel piece provides excellent support for all types of soles. The hollow axle helps reduce weight and maximize stiffness.

Season FW20/21
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