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Marker Kingpin 10 Fixation


Ref product : 7733U1MA


Discover the new Marker Kingpin 10 binding, specially designed for the finest jigs, for women and children or beginners with a light weight . It is an innovative and comfortable binding, thanks in particular to the alpine heel piece , which represents an important technological advance in touring bindings. The heel piece allows you to acquire maximum power on the descents and the Power Transmitter XXL system allows you to pass the climbing wedges from 0° to 13° with a minimum of friction. This binding also offers undeniable comfort when walking uphill, it is also very easy to put on thanks to the fixed guide stops.

Ski program : Hiking

DIN/ISO Range : 5.0 - 10.0

Recommended weight : For skiers weighing between 30 and 105 kg

Adjustment range: 25mm

Inclinations : Possibility of putting the climbing wedges in position 0°, 7° and 13°.

Size of ski stops : 75-100 mm


Climbing Ads Kingpin : There are three climbing wedge positions that are particularly easy to adjust with the ski pole. In order to reduce the rattling effect, elastomer pads have been integrated, which also allows a more pleasant walk.

XXL Power Transmitter : These light weight power transmitters allow you to finish climbing wedges from 0° to 13° while ensuring a minimum of friction.

Kingpin Heel : The new alpine heel of the Kingpin 10 offers wider contact points with the sole, which ensures immediate power transfer.

Carbon Reinforced Pin Toe & Anti Ice Pads : These bindings are made of carbon fiber, which significantly improves its rigidity without losing lightness. They also have pads preventing the formation of ice in risk areas.

Season FW20/21
Bindings Riding Style Touring
Minimum Din 5.0
Maximum Din 10.0