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Marker Squire 11 Id


Ref product : 7424S1MF


The Squire 11 ID model from Marker is the ideal freeride binding for junior to intermediate level skiers. A binding specially designed for skiers looking for high -performance power transmission . The Sole ID system allows the bindings to be compatible with alpine ski boots or ski touring. Skiers will also have the option of choosing another shoe with a sole suitable for walking, such as the Gripwalk sole.

Din/ISO Range: 3.0 - 11.0

Binding height without ski: 24 mm

Adjustment range : 20 mm

Weight recommendation: 30 - 110 kg

Technology :

Sole ID: Bindings with Sole ID technology adapt perfectly to two types of shoes. Indeed, these bindings adapt to alpine ski or ski touring boots.

Gliding AFD: Gliding AFD technology is an anti-friction system that guarantees very precise triggering. The release is unaffected by dirt and snow.

Hollow Linkage Heel: The heel is made of lighter and stiffer aluminum, ideal for withstanding extreme conditions.

Triple Pivot Elite Toe: The toe piece guarantees exceptional strength and support! The toe support is placed in a horizontal position with a 5° angled sole support.

Season FW20/21
Bindings Riding Style Freeride
Minimum Din 3.0
Maximum Din 11.0