Marker Squire 11 Id



Ref product : 7424S1MF


The Squire 11 ID model from Marker is the ideal freeride binding for junior to intermediate level skiers. A binding specially designed for skiers looking for efficient power transmission. The Sole ID system allows the bindings to be compatible with alpine or ski touring boots. Skiers will also have the option of choosing another shoe with a sole suitable for walking, such as the Gripwalk sole.

Din / ISO Range: 3.0 - 11.0

Binding height without ski: 24 mm

Adjustment interval : 20 mm

Recommended weight: 30 - 110 kg

Technology :

Sole ID: Bindings with Sole ID technology adapt perfectly to two types of shoes. Indeed, these bindings adapt to alpine ski or ski touring boots.

Gliding AFD: Gliding AFD technology is an anti-friction system that guarantees very precise triggering. The trigger is not influenced by dirt and snow.

Hollow Linkage Heel: The heel is made of lighter and more rigid aluminum, ideal for withstanding extreme conditions.

Triple Pivot Elite Toe: The toe guarantees exceptional strength and support! The front stop support is placed in a horizontal position with a sole support inclined by 5 °.

Season FW20/21
Bindings Riding Style Freeride
Minimum Din 3.0
Maximum Din 11