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The Force at Union Bindings Company is celebrating its 17th anniversary this year! 17 years later, it is still the favorite binding of riders around the world and intends to maintain its place of winner by developing year after year with technologies specific to the brand ! Reputed to be indestructible , it is the binding that accompanies you year after year without failing, even when you are a demanding rider who puts his equipment to the test! You will be able to find this year varied and fresh colors with which you will not go unnoticed!

For its 17th year , it is back with a new Exoframe 4.0 strap which will promote precise support as well as a TS-2.0 Hexgrip strap which will perfectly encompass the tip of your foot in order to acquire optimal comfort by avoiding the compression points which can cause some discomfort during your sessions in the resort! Its spoiler coupled to the Duraflex St base will bring real rigidity making this binding a reactive binding while keeping the comfort of a pair of après-ski slippers thanks to its thermoformed EVA cushioning which will considerably absorb all vibrations ! With them, Jiber , Carver or devour the powder will not be a problem thanks to its Freestyle / All Mountain program and will be ideal for playing in every corner of the resort !

Practice : Freestyle / All-Mountain

Terrain : Snowpark: 8/10 // Track: 10/10 // Freeride - BackCountry: 7/10

Flex : 7/10, Rigid, they will be ideal for your freeride sessions as well as for carving on the track

Base : Duraflex ST , will bring rigidity while keeping a reactive and comfortable binding with its thermoformed EVA cushioning which absorbs considerably shocks

Spoiler : Duraflex Carbon , asymmetric light and comfortable for freedom of movement

Straps : Exo Frame 4.0 + TS-2.0 Hexgrip , comfortable straps holding your ankle perfectly well for precise and powerful tightening

Buckles : TS 2.0 Rhombus Toe Strap , multi-position with its non-slip thermoplastic material (Note that the TS 2.0 Rhombus are compatible with all brands and models of boots)

Disc : Universal disc compatible with 4x4 , 4x2 boards and the Burton Channel system

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Season FA21
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Entry Mode Classic
Stiffness Rigid
Snowboard Inserts Channel
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
Snowboard Inserts 2x2