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One day there was JESSUP , then appeared MOB GRIP , the brand that has become a benchmark in the skateboard gip, offering a whole package of artistic collaborations but also with almost all the skate brands. Whether your favorite skate brand is a truck, deck or skateboard wheel set, the grip brand MOB is able to get your favorite logos out on grip plates for your skateboard deck. with flawless style and grain quality.

When it comes to how to put on your skate grip, nothing gets simpler using the Mob brand of gritape. This company distributed worldwide and in all skate shops in our beautiful France, and even in the best online skate shops like Hawaiisurf, offers you to find quality grip plates with several categories of grain but also of width according to your type of board. Whether you use a cruiser, old school or vintage skate, or even a longboard skate, Mob always has the right grip plate for you.

The brand constantly offers its skate gear with already perforated plates to avoid a hassle of bubbles when placing your grip on your skate deck. THE concave of your board will remain intact using this brand of grip, and your pair of Nike Sb or Supra skate shoes will be happy to maximize its life on the grain of a furry skate grip.

Any skateboarder who likes to do sessions and tricks at the local skatepark with the latest trendy freestyle trick likes to have on his board the latest fashionable grip in collaboration with the complete skate brands of the moment like Flip, Primitive, Cliché or even Chocolate ...

Even independent grip brands have sometimes made collaborations with the quality of grip Mob, like Grizzly.

At Hawaiisurf, whatever skate pack you order from us, we have to give you the best grip on your skateboard for free, so we too have opted for a pose with the best brand of grip of the moment ...

Do not hesitate to go find our tutorial video which will explain how to put your grip or remove your skate grip?

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