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Mota Mojo Mid Savage


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The Mota brand continues to offer us more and more powerful skates. Mota quickly changed the way quad bikes are built, tuned, functioned and performed at the most elite level for all types of skating. Great start for; speed, jam, roller derby, fitness, leisure and great for indoors or outdoors.

The Mojo Savage, simply inimitable.

Boots: This is what makes Savage so unique. The upper wraps the foot like a glove, the one-piece outsole with integrated counters surrounds your foot while flexing with every movement you make (Flex-Fit). With a nylon unlike any other traditional quad, we can control the meters and the stiffness of the sole. Our soles are stiff but not so stiff that they rattle your teeth and counters which flex with you out of the box and won't break down. AU-D ES SUS traditional design.

By having an outer heel, we can make the soles thin, maximizing the perfect amount of flex and stiffness in the sole. Most importantly, we have managed to reduce the weight considerably. Savage models are almost as light as any carbon boot and in many cases just as light. Over 30% lighter than leather and most traditional soled boots.

Mojo Features:

• Narrow heel, barefoot box that fits narrow / wide forefoot with easy mold ability.

• Ergonomic footbed with 2mm toe lift, metatarsal, arch and heel support

• Preformed tongue and two lace loops that lock the tongue

• Light as carbon fiber

• The only one-piece outsole that includes counters, little or no break-in period

• Flex-Fit counters that won't break down or stretch. Only possible thanks to Mota's one-piece outsole and counterfoot technology

• Barefoot fit: a unique fit that allows the toes to rest comfortably while skating

• Heel Lock: Integrated by design, comfortably holds your heels in place

• More responsive than carbon fiber and leather outsoles

• Ankle straps: adjustable, replaceable

• Use: Roller derby, speed, jam, leisure

• Upper material: microfiber with carbon texture

• Lining: microfiber, supports barefoot skating

Season 2019
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