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Nitro was founded in 1989 by Tommy Delago and Sepp Ardelt in Seattle. These two snowboard enthusiasts manage their brand like a small business, with all the resulting advantages: quality products, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, loyalty with suppliers and partners, etc. They offer boards, bindings and boots for freeride and freestyle snowboarding, each time with performance and technicality.

As for the fixed ones, the more you go up in range the more you will benefit from technological improvements such as for example an aluminum base to give reactivity and instantly print your movements on the board, a mini disc that allows you to use the board without altering its capacities, or even double cables on the notched rods to have a more durable material over time. Find different models according to your budget and your needs, with the Zero at the entry level, then the Team and finally the Phantom.

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