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NMD is an expert brand in bodyboard since 1999. Originally from New Zealand, the NMD team first crisscrossed Australia to present its products which quickly conquered Oceania. NMD is the result of the collective effort of a bunch of surfer, bodyboader, shaper, distributor and friends. This team spirit and blend of skill has driven NMD to success. They had the chance to work with the best riders of the moment like Ben player, Dave Winchester, Jase Finlay, Pierre-Louis Costes, Joe Clarke and many others. These riders accompanied them and with them redefined the art of riding waves by sharing their knowledge of equipment and technique. In perpetual evolution, NMD produces some of the best boards in the bodyboard market thanks to the feedback of the riders, the new shapes developed and the materials used. They have a vision of the future to offer the best of innovations in the service of bodyboarding.

In addition to bodyboard boards, the NMD brand also offers very good quality ancillary products for bodyboarding such as bodyboard leashes, storage covers or fins.

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