North Tomahawk Complete Scooter



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With its undeniable urban allure, the North Tomahawk is back in the spotlight.

This model is equipped with an all-new extruded head tube, combined with a generously sized chainring, 5.5 " wide and 21.5 " long. This specificity offers all riders the advantages of a premium deck at an affordable price , making it a very advantageous option for those looking for quality without breaking the bank.

The attention to detail carries over to other features of the Tomahawk . Its comfortably sized T-shaped handlebars, reliable SCS compression system, and large 30mm wheels make the Tomahawk the perfect model for all types of riders, whether they are new to street riding or taller riders with the search for comfort. The North Tomahawk scooter is therefore a versatile response to the diverse needs of scooter enthusiasts.

Weight : 4998g

Deck length : 546mm

Deck width : 140mm

Bar height : 660mm

Bar width : 571mm

Compression : SCS

Wheel diameter : 115mm

Season INTP