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Protecting yourself from the sun is an essential gesture during your surfing sessions . As you know the reverberation of water with the sun is really bad and dangerous for your skin. This is why our team offers you a selection of sunscreen products specially designed for surfers and water sports enthusiasts . However, there are a few simple actions to follow in order to best limit sunburn, spots or even premature aging of the skin.

How to protect yourself effectively from the bad rays of the sun?

Here are some simple and easy to apply tips :

Apply sun protection suited to your skin ( SP F50+ for the face, highly recommended), also ensure that the cream is water resistant and reapply every two hours.

Do not neglect physical protection with a suit or lycra or an anti-UV t-shirt.

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun between noon and two o'clock (you can exceptionally make an exception if the conditions are really incredible...)

Finally, the choice of the components of your sunscreen is essential. Protecting your skin and the marine environment at the same time is just as important. Classic creams have a real impact on the seabed. The ocean and nature are our main playgrounds. This is why it is absolutely necessary to preserve them. Adopting the right gestures can help achieve great deeds. So we advise you to favor an organic and eco-responsible cream with our Seventy One Percent selection !

Beyond surf sticks and sun creams, you can also find a wide choice of after-sun care. These creams will help you maintain your tan throughout the summer but also soothe your skin after long exposure to the sun. Relaxing gels are also recommended for athletes who may have been a little too forceful during the surf session !

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