Ocean Earth Army Epoxy Soft 8'6



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The Army Epoxy Softboard in 8.6 will be perfect for small waves and soft sections . Take the maximum of waves for maximum pleasure with this board, its large volume will allow you to easily gain speed and manage your take offs ! Take a maximum of waves for a maximum of pleasure, it is the perfect mini-longboard for this summer!

Supplied with a central fiberglass fin.

Type of waves : 30 cm to 1m20 +.

Level : For beginners as well as for experienced surfers. Ideal board for summer sessions with small soft waves. Perfect for taking a maximum of waves and a maximum of pleasure.

Outline: Mini-longboard style shape. The rails are quite round and consistent on the front part with a round nose but more refined at the tail. V-concave for easier turning.

Rocker : Light in nose and tail for easy launch, surf soft sections .

Tail: Round tail, adapts to small conditions

Construction : Waterproof EPS foam with a stringer to reinforce the solidity of the board.

Enjoy the best softboards on HawaiiSurf!

Season SS21
Surfboard Construction Epoxy
Tail Type Round
Board Volume 79 L
Board Width 23 "
Board Thickness 3.0