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Ocean Step is the first global brand entirely dedicated to aquatic walking , a discipline born in the protected bays of French beaches . Recognized for its benefits on the cardiovascular system, endurance and blood circulation, aquatic walking , also called longe-coast , has become a true ocean therapy . At Ocean Step, we're inspired by you and your expectations to design premium gear that enhances your water walking experience.

Our flagship products include a range of wetsuits , such as the Classic 4/3 Wetsuit , which is specially designed to keep you warm in cool waters. It is equipped with Superstretch neoprene for maximum flexibility and a double zipper for easy donning. Additionally, the Classic wetsuit is sewn with GBS Stitches for exceptional durability.

Ocean Step also offers a range of neoprene gloves , perfect for winter water walking sessions. Our Neogloves feature non-slip palms for a secure grip and additional cuffs for an optimal fit.

To protect your feet, you can opt for our Walkboots , water walking boots, or our Neosocks , 2mm neoprene socks. These products are designed to offer excellent support and limit water entry, thus ensuring your comfort during your sessions of long - coast .

Also, don't forget to protect your head with our neoprene thermal caps . The Duobeanie is a thermal beanie with a tightening system for a perfect fit, while the Neohood is a neoprene fleece hood for added warmth.

All in all, Ocean Step is your go-to destination for all your water walking needs. We are dedicated to providing premium quality products that enhance your water walking experience. Come discover the ocean with us!

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