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Neoprene wetsuit

At HawaiiSurf, we offer many models of neoprene suits and surf suits. Take advantage of the best brands with the Rip Curl wetsuit, the Hurley wetsuit or the O Neill wetsuit for all conditions and all budgets, but above all for the whole family. Thus, find our men's surf suit, women's surf suit and children's surf suit, with always a maximum of choice.

We also offer additional equipment for the more cautious or the more motivated among you, with neoprene gloves and neoprene slippers. For those who are on the contrary lucky enough to surf in better conditions, you will have the choice to choose the neoprene top or the surf lycra that you need.

Finally, find a whole range of accessories for your own comfort or to please, with for example the rain poncho and the surf poncho.


Surfing is in our name, it's in our DNA. Our surfboard department has nothing to envy to the biggest coastal surf shops, with mini malibu, surf fish, surf egg, surf longboard, … We work with big brands like the famous shaper Al Merrick, Firewire Surf, Lost Surf, but also small local workshops like UWL.

A surfboard is more fragile than you think, so take care of your equipment and offer it good protection. A surfboard bag is never superfluous and can save you big expenses.

We also offer many additional equipment for your board. Whether you need a new fin, a pad or a leash, you will find what you are looking for at HawaiiSurf.

Finally, you will also find a battery of essential accessories such as sunscreen specially designed for surfing, wax and other essential surfing accessories.


At the HawaiiSurf bodyboard shop, find the best of bodyboarding with the biggest brands at low prices.

Take advantage of our wide range of bodyboards, with many models from leading brands in the industry such as Pride Bodyboard, Sniper Bodyboard, Morey Bodyboard, etc.

Same thing for the fins, with among others the Dafin fins and the Viper fins.

Whatever equipment you are looking for, you will find what you are looking for, even for a bodyboard cover, bodyboard leash, or bodyboard plugs.

For cheap bodyboarding, head for a bodyboard pack including a board, a cover and a leash with 10% off on the whole.

If you need advice, don't hesitate to call our sales staff on 0146720710 or check out our bodyboard buying guide to learn how to choose your bodyboard.

That's it, are you equipped? All that remains is to follow in the footsteps of Amaury Lavernhe...

HawaiiSurf is 40 years of love for surfing, and of course that includes water sports! Whether you are a surfer in Lacanau or Pourville, a static wave bodyboarder, a stand up paddle board on the Seine or towed on a wakeboard or a water monoski, we necessarily have the equipment you need to satisfy your passion, whatever the season after season thanks to our neoprene full suits or shortys! Find our selection below, and all of our products in our HawaiiSurf board store!

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