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The OAM ( On A Mission ) brand is a brand founded in 1992 by professional surfer Chris Malloy . Indeed, for him, the brand's career seemed obvious. While he is on the school benches, the beginning of the brand is almost born, because he scribbled OAM all over these notebooks!

So Chris, his brothers and his crew of surfers bring to life a kid's idea to make it real and thus assert their brand history to always live " We have a mission " by all means! After several explorations of the globe, wandering from town to town, from surf spot to surf spot with its brothers, the brand is gradually emerging. They are committed to providing surfers who like them travel the globe with the best equipment that will perfectly suit each adventure!

A few years later, OAM continues its ascent by remaining a serene leader in the innovation of surf accessories . The products are designed by surfers for surfers and tested by the best in the field in difficult conditions to guarantee quality products and that they work by all and for all!

The company was therefore founded only by professional surfers like:

The Malloy Brothers, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams and Taylors Steele!

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