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The ORTOVOX brand was born in 1980 in the south of MUNICH thanks to Gerald Kampel and Jürgen Wegner who developed the very first two-frequency ORTOVOX F2 device aimed at searching for avalanche victims . The proximity of Bavarian and Austrian culture shapes the brand's way of thinking and working with Made In Europe products.

In 1980 , avalanche search devices were used which transmitted and received different frequencies ( 2.275 kHz and 457 kHz ). This is why the accidents caused by cases of avalanches were much more fatal than nowadays due to these two different frequencies because it was more difficult to save the victims. This is why the F2 was able to transmit and receive on both frequencies when it came out and was therefore received with such enthusiasm that it quickly positioned itself as No. 1 on the market after only two years.

Since then, the brand has been able to develop equipment synonymous with elaborate systems aimed at the protection and comfort of its users in the mountains with a responsible approach towards man and nature . A pioneer since the 1980s in the field of avalanche safety , ORTOVOX has considerably influenced the development of emergency equipment .

Since 1980 , the primary goal of the brand has been to make mountaineering safer and save as many lives as possible thanks to perfectly designed and thoughtful safety equipment added to appropriate training .

Today, the brand continues to develop innovative products that improve the protection of mountain enthusiasts, such as the first dual-frequency DVA .

Their motives? Designing products that work at the crucial moment so that mountaineers can set off with peace of mind and make the most of wide open spaces , the experiences and sensations that they can cause .

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