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Going for a walk in the mountains has the merit of exploring the globe well equipped in order to leave with a light mind and in complete safety ! Well equipped does not necessarily mean taking your whole house in a bag that is too bulky and above all not suitable for hiking! Outdoor activities are getting a makeover and are all in full expansion ! These activities are strenuous and even if it seems easy to buy a good pair of hiking shoes, a pair of poles and other accessories due to the practice, these outdoor practices deserve some training and we advise you not to overestimate your abilities and to accompany you with a mountain professional!

The equipment is important since it will ensure adequate performance for the practice ensuring a certain comfort by equipping itself with materials conducive to not weighing down your load in the backpack , which could considerably reduce your performance . The new materials are specially designed to prevent bulk with lighter weights to facilitate your travels and promote your mobility .


Find a refined selection of high-performance hiking backpacks from the biggest brands such as Lafuma, Millet, The North-Face, Union, Patagonia. High -performance backpacks , defying all climatic changes to keep all your personal belongings dry and safe . Numerous storage spaces will be available on a good number of models, allowing you to insert your more fragile belongings inside and your hiking equipment outside without hindrance in order to climb ever higher and ever further. Let yourself be guided by our selection of high-performance backpacks that will perfectly meet your different needs depending on the type of hike, whether longer or shorter!

hiking sticks

The hiking stick is part of the essential equipment for the practice of hiking. This will allow you to have a solid support during your explorations and will also reduce the effort you have to provide whether it is uphill or downhill! Poles will be designed differently depending on the intended activity. Let yourself be seduced by our selection of technical and high- performance poles at the best prices only at HawaiiSurf !

Hiking equipment

Is the weather spoiling during your hike , your bivouac or your trek ? Don't be afraid of bad weather and leave with peace of mind with equipment full of technologies to avoid all the inconvenience that can cause cold, rain, wind and other elements .

You have all the keys in hand to leave well equipped with quality equipment and thus live exceptional adventures far from the urban crowd !

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Hiking Equipment Steel grey
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Lafuma Access Pairs Bâton

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Lafuma Access Pairs Bâton

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