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French Mens & Womens Surfwear Brand since 1985

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It was in 1985 that the first French surfwear brand was created in Normandy by the founders Isabelle Cachot and Fabrice Valéri ! But what does the word Oxbow mean? The word Oxbow means in old American " Meander of a river ".

The story begins with the design of boardshorts. Indeed, the founders recover a checkered swimming shorts that a friend brings back to them from a surf trip in Sri Lanka. They notice that in the design of this one the squares are all sewn and assembled one by one. The discovery of this mythical checkered boardshort marks the very promising start of the OXBOW brand in the boardsports market .

1986 is also a key date in the evolution of the brand! Indeed, it is on this date that the very first iconic sweaters see the light of day! It is with the POHONO model (name coming from an Amerindian tribe) that the sweater appears for the first time in the autumn/winter 86 catalog. Made in France in the Tarn , these thick Jacquard pieces with a loose cut , patterns ethnic patterns and colorful colors marked a revolution in the world of fashion.

In 1987 , the brand decides to leave Normandy to come and settle near the Pyrenean peaks but especially the ocean . In order not to copy the competition by setting up on the Basque coast, the brand chose the city of Bordeaux . Capital of New Aquitaine, this town close to the spots of Lacanau-Océan attracts new talent. Even today, the city of Bordeaux is still its base.

It was in 1990 that the famous vintage T-shirts from the OXBOW brand were born! Ample torque , pastel colors and original patterns , French board sports enthusiasts of all ages proudly display their membership of the brand.

So far, the brand has continued to expand its territory and enhance its position as leader in sports clothing. It was in 2016 that she launched the 1985 premium line . This capsule is a collection of the essential pieces of an ocean getaway . This premium men's line is made up of comfortable pieces and high-end materials .

2020 , the brand celebrates its 35th anniversary by changing ownership and becoming an independent French brand again. OXBOW is then managed by 2 enthusiasts Emmanuel Debruères and Jean-Christophe Chetail .

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