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Paris Trucks was founded in 2005 by pro skater Joey Pulsifer. The idea of offering trucks came from a discussion with his friend Solomon Antonell, who launched the Riviera brand. Solomon had asked him to design a pair of trucks to go with his Riviera boards. When studying the market, they quickly realized that there were few quality reverse kingpin trucks for longboards. The project was therefore launched.

The choice of the name has nothing to do with Paris Hilton or the city of Paris, just a kiff of Joey Pulsifier who always liked this name. The name found and the project launched, it only remained for Joey Pulsifer to offer competitive and quality trucks. Months of research and development based on feedback from skaters, fans or haters, have enabled Paris Trucks to push its products even further and meet the needs of all longboarders as closely as possible. Today their range is diversified to meet all types of riders and their price is quite competitive for longboard trucks with very good value for money.

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