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Penny skateboards is an Australian brand that offers small plastic skateboards! It has experienced phenomenal success in recent years with the comeback of retro plastic skateboarding. True replicas of 1970s skate decks, penny skates feature a plastic deck, small spinning trucks and soft wheels.

These little skates are the fruit of the passion of Ben Mackay, who from a very young age had only lived for skateboarding. He remembers playing with his first plastic skateboard and repainting it blue with gold stripes, super cool stuff! It wasn't until 30 years later, in 2009, that he felt it was time to revive this little skateboard for good. 12 years of experience in skateboard making has given him a good estimate of what a quality skateboard is. He combined everything he knew in manufacturing and design to release a high performance skateboard with super durable and super fun plastic! The result: a hyper-balanced skateboard where each component plays an important role for a product that is perfectly shaped underfoot. Each penny skate is made with the best raw materials and attention to detail bordering on perfectionism. Penny Skates are designed and built to be cool, perform well and exceed your expectations.

They exist today in several sizes. The famous Penny 22 (56cm) is thus available in 27 inches (68cm) and more recently in longboard.

The wheels are soft and the top bearings will ensure memorable cruising sessions. Super practical, they can be taken everywhere, sneak into the smallest alleys and are super easy to catch when you jump from your deck. With their pop colors, they add a bit of fun to the city and the gray tarmac. It will be the perfect companion for your urban walks.

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