Pride Bodyboards, the world number brand of body gear, made in the South West!

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If all the surf shops in France could do Hawaiisurf like you, sell Pride boogie boards! It is with this sentence that one day a client made us understand the fame and image of this French Bodyboard brand founded in 1990 in Biarritz in the heart of the Basque Country facing the Atlantic Ocean and its many hollow waves. ...

Imanol Arrizabalaga & Gérémy Majo, two locals wanted to reconcile passion for the practice of the body and the design of quality and innovative bodyboard gear for the early 90s. Thus the Pride brand was born from the fruit of their common imaginations, and began to produce during the first 3 years directly in Biarritz with house shapes.

Bringing freshness and concern for producing performance and innovative equipment, Pride quickly gained momentum on the French market before relocating its production to the heart of the best factory in the world for Bodyboard and other equipment such as wetsuits, fins. , leashs and accessories for bodysurfers, in Indonesia, the or other sharp brands like Sniper or Versus and Hydro are producing.

Every good surf club and board specialist will always offer you the best of the Pride bodyboard brand. Just like great practitioners like Pierre Louis Costes, winner of the world championship several times against the Australians and Americans, you also take the time to choose the best body board equipment, one of the flagship disciplines like his big brother. Surfing, in the world of water sports.

Pride design and thinks all of its products at the heart of the Pride Lab in Anglet, pushing back the limits of the construction of boards, but also fins or leashs. Comfort and modernity are the two key elements of every Pride Bodyboard production. Forget your old pair of Viper or Churchill fins and opt for the new Pride Vulcan pair, which offers comfort, speed, performance and the most successful water flow to date ...

Surf our online shop and Hawaiisurf Bodyboard surf club, we offer you the latest boards with in particular the pro models boards by Pierre-Louis Costes "The Heartbreaker", and the ability to modify your stringer thanks to the ISS brand. So you have hybrid boards with PE, PPE or NRG profiles all season long. The Pro bodyboard is our guarantee, in order to offer you the best performance in the water.

At Hawaiisurf, partner of Pride Bodyboards, we offer tutorials to make the right choices thanks to our bodyboard buying guide, which will teach you as best as possible how to choose your Bodyboard?

We always offer the bread of wax for every Pride bodyboard pack purchased, as well as a 10% discount by opting for the bodyboard, leash and body bag!

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