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In 2008 after many years of skating for the Plan B skateboard team, pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, who also rides for Nike SB, with his 9 X-games medals and more than 40 parts in skateboard videos between 1999 and 2018, decided to embark on his own skateboarding adventure by founding with his partners Andy Netkin and Jubal Jones the brand of skateboard equipment Primitives skateboards.

Paul left Plan B skateboards just like his two former board sponsors “City stars & Girl skateboard” in relatively good terms. This very friendly and always smiling character has mastered both the contest in the skate park and the old-fashioned street in the streets of prestigious California.

Primitive in addition to offering a nice selection of skateboard decks and complete skateboards, it is also a brand of skateboard wheels with good hardness and urethane foolproof. Primitive skateboards is the best brand to go from your penny cruiser to your first complete skateboard to hit your first skate tricks like an ollie on the street as well as on the ramp.

At Hawaiisurf, your skate shop, we were one of the first skate shops to be able to market the P Rod brand, simply because a certain Bastien Salabanzi was part of our skateboard team and he is now a pro skateboarder for this superb brand. , just like Wade Desarmo, Shanne O'Neill, Devine Calloway or Nick Tucker!

In addition to being a good brand that offers a skate deck made of strength and pop, the Primitive brand offers remarkable collections of Streetwear and skate clothing. I advise you to adopt one of the latest sweatshirts or the brand new Primitive cap with the "P" New era style, to match your new sneakers or skate shoes.

Soon, the Primitive skateboard brand will market a range of bearings, but also collaborations on a truck and grip. So stay tuned for skateboard news on your Hawaiisurf skateshop to be the first to pick up the new Primitive products!

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