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The PULLIN brand was born in the village of Hossegor in the South West of France , Mecca of European surfing . Indeed, their various inspirations come from the waves & the mountains being close to the Pyrenean chain and the authentic culture of the Basque Country .

Year after year, the PULLIN brand validates its competitiveness and its expertise in the spirit of sliding sports, thanks to its small family structure which remains free and self-taught in order to keep its unique and personalized vision of sliding . Its convictions are as follows: Comfort , Quality and Originality which makes it a strong , unique and recognizable brand in the blink of an eye !

The adventure began in the 2000s when the young electrical engineer Emmanuel LOHEAC invented the very first LYCRA® polyester elastane boxer enhanced with a beautiful elastic band from a ski & snowboard mask ensuring very good support added to Flatlock resistant seams . This first piece marks the birth of the iconic French brand PULLIN !

From the 2000s to the beginning of the 2010s , the PULLIN brand validated its first place in the design of men's and women's underwear and boardshorts as well as some accessories such as key rings with the famous emblematic strip of underwear. The beautiful world of skiing is snapping up its products !

In 2014 , the PULLIN brand is launching a new challenge by launching the DENING® , the most comfortable jeans in the world with a hybrid design that will provide maximum comfort as well as very good freedom of movement . These pants are specially designed for sport , travel , work , going out or just for the chill days at home that we love so much, whatever your age or body type !

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