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Pyzel Surfboards started in a backyard on the North Shore around 1995, and has grown to be one of the leading surfboard companies in the world today.

Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, California, started surfing in college, and quickly found himself hooking up on it. Matt Moore began to shape his boards and made him part of his team. Matt always helped him explain the ideas and principles of surfboard design and let Jon watch him shape all of his boards.

After traveling for the surf, Jon realized he wanted better waves, warmer water, and moved permanently to the north coast of Oahu in 1992. There he found work fixing the farts on them. board at Country Surfboards , and Jon quickly learned the ins and outs of the trade, doing icing or lamination. He quickly met master shaper Jeff Bushman, who guided, helped and encouraged him. Eventually, Jeff offered Jon a job as a back-shaper and it was the start of his shaper career.

The turning point came a few years later, in 1998. Alex Florence asked Jon to make a board for his eldest son John John, who was 5 at the time. From there, Jon and John John worked together to redefine what was possible for Grom surfing. Fast forward almost 20 years and John John Florence is the 2016 World Champion, widely regarded as the best surfer alive, while riding Pyzel surfboards.

Today, the company sees JJF as the cornerstone of their success. This is why today Pyzel collaborates with JJF to create JJF by Pyzel a range of high quality Funformance boards. They are designed to advance your surf using tested shapes, perfected and with an ecological and sustainable construction!

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