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Quasi skateboards it was above all the Mother skateboard brand, a company that was created following the fall of the legendary Alien Workshop brand! Some former executives of the skateboard company Alien workshop started Mother, including skateboarders like Tyler Bledsoe, Gilbert Crockett & Jake johnson.

Quasi took its place in the denomination of Mother from September 2015, following problems with the registered brand name… So Mother skate became Quasi skateboard!

The visual identity of the brand is based on a concept of hyper graphic and artistic skateboard decks, highlighting a pretty crazy color panel! The shapes of the skateboard decks are perfect, so is the quality of the wood, as is the paint that does not peel on the first boardslide. The artist side is currently hyper sought after in the skateboard market, pretty quality skate decks with a unique spirit for this kind of brand that appeals to a whole new generation of skateboarders.

Quasi Skateboard is a great skate brand that has a bright future ahead of it, thanks to a team of fresh skaters full of raw talents, and skaters perfectly in the movement and trend of current skateboarding at the heart of the Street spirit.

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