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Real Complete 7.5 X 31.2 Team Tropic Ovals Ii Complete


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This complete ready-to-ride skateboard from the Real brand will suit children aged 8/10 or small builds who want a good board for learning but also progressing in their learning of tricks. Floral print with REAL branding.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 31".

Deck: 7 layers of maple wood for maximum strength & pop. Standard popsicle shape.

Concave: Light

Grip: Black with good grip

Trucks: 5.0" / 129mm sturdy and perfect for sliders

Wheels: 53 MM, ideal for bowl, street and skatepark

Season INTP
Shape New School
Concave Low
Width Based on Feet Size 31.5 to 39.5
Skater's Height More than 1m50
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